The American Legion Auxiliary participates and contributes to many great programs. Below is a brief description of the programs we are involved in and contact information for the chairman of the program. Information from the Plan of Action and any related forms can be accessed by clicking on the yellow links below each program!

 ***Please note that all links will not be updated with the 2017-2018 information until the conclusion of the Fall Conference Tour***

American Legion Auxiliary College
The College is a full weekend of  intensive learning about the American Legion Auxiliary.

Dean:Diane Craig
ALA College Information
ALA  College Staff Applications
ALA College Student Application

Citizenship, patriotism and flag education is the focus of the Americanism program. Participating in patriotic celebrations, the distribution of flag codes, donations of flags to schools, organizations and institutions, working with Scout Troops and “Get out the Vote” campaigns are some of the activities we encourage members to participate in.
Chairman: Lisa Wilkinson-Moore
Americanism Information
Americanism Unit Report Forms
Americanism County Report Forms

Auxiliary Emergency Fund
Providing temporary financial assistance to our members during times of personal emergency is the basis for establishing this fund in 1969. Grants for education and/or training programs is provided for under the Displaced Homemakers for widowed, separated or divorced members who need to update their skills to return to the workplace.
Chairman :
AEF Information
AEF Unit Report Forms
AEF County Report Forms
AEF Report Forms Editable 

The spiritual leader at all levels of our organization is the Chaplain. She is responsible for offering prayers at all meetings, conducting memorial services, bringing cheer to ill or aged members, extending sympathy to families of deceased members and courtesies to Gold Star Mothers.
Chaplain Information
Chaplain Unit Report Form (PDF)
Chaplain County Report Form (PDF)
Chaplain Report Forms (editable)
Chaplain Death Notice

Children & Youth
Improving the quality of life for America’s youth is the central focus of this committee. There are many ways this can be accomplished by direct financial assistance, providing activities for children in the community, assisting needy families with food and clothing, distributing educational, materials on child abuse, drugs and teenage suicide. Many areas hold immunization clinics and participate in Special Olympics.
Children and Youth Information
Children and Youth Unit Report Form (PDF)Children and Youth County Report Form (PDF)
Children and Youth Report Forms (Editable)

Community Service:
Being a supporting organization in our communities by assisting in beautification programs, working with Senior Citizens, aiding the homeless and disabled, working on cancer projects are only a few of the ways to enhance the Community Service program.
Community Service Information
Community Service Unit Report Form (PDF)
Community Service County Report Form (PDF)
Community Service Report Forms (editable)

Constitution & Bylaws
Every organization needs a set of rules to be governed by. All members should be familiar with them at all levels whether it be Unit, County, District or Department. Read them, learn them and live by them. Constitution& Bylaws should be reviewed and updated often. A copy of the Unit’s Constitution & Bylaws must be on file at the Dept. Office.
Department Constitution and Bylaws
Constitution & Bylaws Information
Suggested Unit Constitution & Bylaws
Suggested County Constitution & Bylaws

County Committee Rules
District Rules
Constitution & Bylaws Transmittal
Constitution & Bylaws Report Forms

This program provides educational opportunities to children in need of financial assistance to continue in higher learning facilities. Veterans children and non-veterans children are given consideration when the qualifications are fulfilled. “Need a Lift?” publication by the American Legion Americanism Committee is available to students outlining scholarships available throughout the country. Plan special programs in your communities for “National Education Week.”
Education Information
Education Unit Report Form (PDF)
Education County Report Form (PDF)
Education Report Forms (Editable)
Scholarship Dept Award cover page

Scholarships and Scholarship Cover Page– Please see the Scholarship tab for more information about each individual scholarship

Empire Girls State
The purpose of Girls State is to provide to high school Juniors across the State the opportunity to create and govern a 51st mythical state. Girls are chosen by the Units after interviewing the candidates. Consideration is given to scholastic achievements, leadership, character, honesty and physical fitness. They learn the duties, privileges, rights and responsibilities of American citizenship in this week-long, hands-on workshop in government.
Chairman: Lucille Mozzillo
1st Vice Chairman: Donna Dorminey ( )
2nd Vice Chairman: Jennifer Farley

ALA Empire GIrls State Information
ALA EGS Unit Report Form (PDF)
ALA EGS County Report Form (PDF)
ALA EGS District Orientation Application
ALA EGS Central Staff Forms
ALA EGS Junior Counselor Forms
ALA EGS Senior Counselor Forms
County Quota Forms
– Don’t forget to return these to 1st Vice Chairman Donna Dorminey!

The duties of this committee are to oversee the financial aspects of the Unit.  The committee sets a budget and audits the financial books at least two times per year.  Accounting of the Unit funds should be kept separately–General and Rehabilitation, although the Unit can maintain one bank account. Rehabilitation funds can only be used for VA & R and Children & Youth.
Chairman: Juanita Lochner
Member: Patricia Dyer
Member: Cathleen MacInnes
Finance Information
Unit Audit Form
Charter Applications

Compilation of the activities and work done by the Units throughout the Year is the duty of the Historian. It is important to preserve this information for the future. At the end of the year, she should present to the President a written narrative of her Administration. Remember to keep a copy in the Unit’s files.
Historian Information
Historian Unit Report Forms (PDF)
Historian County Report Forms (PDF)
Historian Report Forms (Editable)

Junior Activities
This Committee works with the Junior members, who will, hopefully, become active Senior members. Plan activities round the special holidays and observances. Use them to assist in making favors, waiting on tables or preparing a program for The American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary dinners. Instruct them in the programs of the Auxiliary and teach them how to properly conduct meetings.
Junior Activities Information
Junior Activities Unit Report Form (PDF)
Junior Activities County Report Form (PDF)
Junior Activities Report Forms (Editable)

Units, Counties, Districts and Departments benefit from the leadership training provided under this program. leadership encompasses such qualities as motivation, teamwork, using the talents of our members, maturity, initiative and a full knowledge of the programs, structure and background of our American Legion Auxiliary. Request a Certified Leadership Instructor to assist in developing a Leadership Training Session.
Leadership Information
Leadership Unit Report Forms (PDF)Leadership County Report Forms (PDF)
Leadership Report Forms (Editable)


The American Legion Auxiliary works along with the American Legion to ensure that favorable issues presented to our Legislative bodies are enacted. Members are encouraged to write or call their elected representatives in support of the legislation and urge their support also. Many laws have been passed by our support and encouragement, as well as undesirable ones defeated. Each Unit and County Legislative Chairman should be provided with a subscription to the Legislative Bulletin.
Legislative Information
Legislative Unit Report Forms (PDF)
Legislative County Report Forms (PDF)
Legislative Report Forms (Editable)

This Committee is the “grassroots” of our organization. Without a solid membership; we cannot carry out the many programs that comprise the American Legion Auxiliary. We need to encourage those eligible to join our organization. Membership drives using Post rosters can be held. We need to retain those on our rolls and actively seek out new members to remain the largest women’s patriotic organization in the world.
Chairman: Marie Mock
Membership Information
Membership Unit Report Forms (PDF)
Membership County Report Forms (PDF)
Membership Forms (Editable)
Member Activity Tracking Form
Member Year End Impact Report

National Security
At present, the security of America is not a certainty, we must never relax our efforts in being prepared for the forces that may threaten our democracy. Working with your local officials in Civil Preparedness, crime prevention, donations to the USO, purchasing U.S. Savings Bonds, assisting victims of natural disasters and awareness of our POW/MIA issues is all part of this program.
National Security Information
National Security Unit Report Forms (PDF)
National Security County Report Forms (PDF)
National Security Report Forms (Editable)

The National Association of Parliamentarians defines a parliamentarian as someone who is there to help you conduct meetings more efficiently and make decisions more effectively. In the American Legion Auxiliary the Parliamentarian is often a trusted individual in the organization who can offer insight into Robert’s Rules of Parliamentary Procedure and the past practices of the organization.
Parliamentary Procedure Information

Past President’s Parley
Past Unit President’s are the members of this committee who assume the responsibility of caring for and giving support to our ex-servicewomen. Scholarships are offered to children and grandchildren of veterans to continue in attaining higher education.
Past President’s Parley Information
Past President’s Parley Unit Report Form (PDF)
Past President’s Parley County Report Form (PDF)
Past President’s Parley Report Forms (Editable)

Poppy/Poppy Poster:
Our American Legion Auxiliary Poppy is hand-made by the veterans for which the veteran receives money for each poppy made. Many of these veterans are in VA Medical Centers, and in some cases, the therapeutic benefits derived are most helpful to them. Promoting public awareness and the history and the purpose of the Poppy is part of this program. Contacting schools to enter Poppy Poster contests and displaying posters in a store window enhances public awareness.
Poppy Information
Poppy Unit Report Forms (PDF)
Poppy County Report Forms (PDF)
Poppy Report Forms (Editable)
Poppy Order Form

Public Relations
It is important our communities know about the programs and activities of the Units. Talk to the Editors of your local newspaper informing them of what we do. Encourage the papers to include the American Legion Auxiliary in
their Community Bulletin Boards. Use TV spot announcements on up-coming activities or special affairs that are being planned. Keep copies of any items in a scrap book in a year-after-year continuation.
Public Relations Information
Public Relations Unit Report Form (PDF)
Public Relations County Report Form (PDF)
Public Relations Report Forms (Editable)

Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation/Field Service
Our organization was founded in service to the veterans. This program provides physical comfort and mental cheer to those who gave so much for their country. Dances, bingo parties, Field Day activities, picnics – activities to keep them active and entertained. Writing letters, reading to the veteran, taking veterans for walks and visiting, helps those disabled or blind. Volunteers are needed to carry out this program, and every member should be included. All Units should participate in “Adopt a Veteran” Program, whereby special remembrances at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and the veteran’s birthday can be acknowledged. The Christmas Gift Shop is held each year enabling the veteran to remember their loved ones at home with gifts. This program is fully funded by Units throughout the Dept. at no cost to the veteran. The funds from the Poppy distribution is used to finance this Committee.
Chairman: Linda Tome
VA & R Information
VA & R Unit Report Form (PDF)
VA & R County Report Form (PDF)
VA & R Report Forms (Editable)
Gift Shop Rules
VA & R Field Service Reps

Warriors Family Assistance:
The Warriors Family Assistance Program (WFA) continues to help our currently deployed military and their families and those honorably discharged within the last five years.
Chairman:Colleen Boylan Quagliano
WFA Information
WFA Unit Report Forms (PDF)
WFA County Report Forms (PDF)
WFA Report Forms (Editable)

2017 Convention-

Department President’s Project:
Department President’s Project Information

(Contact Department office for physical address and phone numbers of chairmen)

OTHER COMMITTEES – Unit Presidents may appoint other Committees that are helpful in the operation of the Unit programs, such as Auditing Committee, Kitchen Committee, Sgt. at Arms, Liaison Officer with the Post.

REPORTING – One of the most important responsibilities of Unit Committee Chairmen is to report the activities and work on their programs. This comprises all of the work done by the more than 50,000 members in our Department. The Unit Chairmen report to the County Chairmen who in turn report to the Department Chairmen.

The Departments report to National to create outstanding reports for the National Convention. Chairmen are encouraged to enter all contests.


American Legion Auxiliary
Department of New York
112 State Street – Suite 1310
Albany, New York 12207

1-800-421-6348 (toll free)
Office Hours: 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM (Monday through Friday)
All legal holidays are observed.

More detailed information is contained on each Department Committee page. You are encouraged to read all of these pages thoroughly.

It would be helpful to all members to share these program summaries with those who do not have a computer. Members need to know what the American Legion Auxiliary promotes, and the outstanding programs that are initiated throughout our Department and our Nation.