Past Presidents

Past Department President Regina Harris
Memorial information

 Joint Memorial Services for Past Department President Regina Harris and Past Detachment Commander John Rogers has been arranged as follows.
When: Sunday, March 15, 2015 ~3:00pm
Where: Floyd Bennett AL Post
5601 Ave N
Brooklyn, NY

The following women have served the Department of New York, American Legion Auxiliary in it’s highest office!  In addition, this Department is very proud to acknowledge the Past Department Presidents who have served in a higher capacity, National Officer…


1977-78 Betty Perkins 2001-02  Mary Anne Casadei
1979-80 Marion Capasso 2002-03  Linda Moseman
1984-85 Charlotte Craven **** 2003-04  Violet Brosart
1986-87  Phyllis C. Sickmond * 2004-05  Patricia Dyer
1991-92 Cathleen Maclnnes 2005-06  Mary Williams
1992-93  Betty Jane Light 2006-07  Joan Caccamo
1994-95  Juanita Lochner 2007-08  Carol Johnson
1995-96  Mary Lou Platt 2008-09  Susan Britton
1996-97 Priscilla Imburgia 2009-10  Karyn Porempski
1997-98  Shirley Olinger *** 2011-12  Ann Geer
2000-01  Marie Cook 2012-13  Sally Johnston
2013-14  Barbara Corker *****


Past National President *
Past National Chaplain **
Past National Historian ***
Past Eastern Division National Vice President ****
National Executive Committeewoman *****