Did you know that the National Organization recently published a Military Family Readiness Guide?

Its a great resource for our members and our military families!

Click here to download the Guide!

Your Volunteer Time Counts!
Did you know that throughout the year it is important to report the hours you volunteer and the value of this time.

Each year the National Organization sets the value of our volunteer time. They refer to a website called While there are different values for different states the national organization uses the average rate so that the reports from each department are consistent.

The 2016-2017 value for Volunteer hours is $24.14.


Did you know that the mileage reimbursement rates for a charitable organization are $.14 a mile? This information is updated annually by the IRS. Click here to access it!

Please this when calculating your hours and valued time for any committee report form that requests such information.

In the future you can view the website for more information by clicking HERE.

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Not sure where to report the activity of your unit or county?
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 Know someone that could benefit from the Auxiliary Emergency Fund?
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