Warriors Family Assistance


The Warriors Family Assistance Program (WFA) continues to help our currently deployed military and their families and those honorably discharged within the last five years.  The National Guard and Reservists who have been Federally Deployed within the past five years are also eligible for grants of up to $1200.00.


The program has grown so much that our Department President, Sally Johnston, has chosen the WARRIORS FAMILY ASSISTANCE   Program as her project for this year.  Department President, Sally, has asked that we Remember, Renew and Reach out!


Remember, the success of the Warriors Family Assistance continues to depend on and begin with our Auxiliary Members.   You are the ones who can identify those in need of assistance.   Members are needed to volunteer to be on Unit and or County review committees.  Committee members should be willing to work with applicants in filling out applications and to evaluate the depth of their needs.   In many situations, the Units and Posts can offer assistance in addition to the WFA Grant.   Three members from each Unit/County would be ideal.  A review committee should have the revised WFA Brochure (always have a contact name and number on the back) and the revised Guidelines which can be obtained from the Department Office.   They can also be downloaded from wfaatalny@ny.rr.com or www.deptny.org.    Applications can only be obtained from the Department Office and from this Chairman.   Once the application is reviewed and the review committee has made their recommendation, it should be sent to the Department Office to be approved on the Department level by the Department Chairman of the WFA (myself) and committee members, Second Vice President, Diane Gerber and Third Vice President, Janet Mahoney.


In order to raise funds and reach out to those in need, we must publicize the Warriors Family Assistance Program.  We must inform our community, businesses, and local government of the availability of the aid we offer.   Speak to your Legion Family, contact Veteran Service Officers, Recruiters and VA Clinics about the WFA Program.   Encourage donations from local organizations, businesses and charitable foundations in your area.   Units can also become involved in fund raisers such as pot luck dinners, dances, bake sales and yard sales to raise funds

For the WFA Program.


THE LINDA MOSEMAN AWARD is available under this program.

To Be Awarded in Two Categories:

Category # 1, 10-99 Members,   Category #2, 100 Members and above who make the largest donation to the Warriors Family Assistance Program.


Pat Bergin, Chairman                                                             631-207-5899

70 Summerfield Drive                                                           ptberg63@aol.com

Holtsville, New York 11742